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How To Buy A Bra

How To Buy A Bra


No two women are the same! Your bra needs can be different from women who even have the same size as you. That’s why it’s so important to know how to buy a bra that is perfect for you. 

#1 Know Your Size

It’s very crucial to understand your size before buying a bra of any kind. If you think the bras you wear now are not comfortable, then you’re probably wearing the wrong size.

#2 Head To A Reputable Store

Smaller lingerie stores in India will not be able to get you your right size. Head to a known retailer that specialises in lingerie.

#3 Try, Try, Try!

First try on a couple of sizes to make sure you have the right fit as different brands may vary in size slightly. Then try on all kinds of styles so you know which one you’re most comfortable in. Whether it’s wired or wirefree, padded or non-padded, push-up or high-coverage, there are many styles to choose from!

#4 The Move Test

With every bra you try on, put your hands above your head and twist left or right at the waist. If the band slips up, it’s too loose, and if it hurts, it’s too tight. Next, bend over like you’re picking something up from the ground. If you slip out of the bra, then it’s too loose.

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