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What Do I With My Old Bras?

What Do I With My Old Bras?


We all know that corner in our wardrobe reserved for clothes we never wear. But have you thought about all the bras that lie unused in your lingerie drawer?

We found that, on an average, women have almost 4 bras that they don’t use! Whether it’s because you’re used to those two bras you love wearing on rotation, or because you bought those fancy lace ones on a whim and don’t find them comfortable anymore, all of us have bras that we don’t use.

To top it off, fit experts recommend changing your bra every six months due to wear and tear. And if you’ve only been wearing two to three bras regularly, it’s likely that they’re worn out. But how can you really tell?

Here are 5 signs that your bra needs replacing:

#1 It just doesn’t fit anymore

Whether you’ve lost or put on weight, hanging on to an old bra in the hopes of fitting into it is a bad idea. 

#2 It’s lost its shape

If there are slumps, unevenness and a general lack of shape, that bra’s got to go. Your cups should always be smooth with no awkward folds or gaping.

#3 It’s lost its elasticity

If the straps are loose and wavy and the band doesn’t sit flat against your skin, the bra is no longer fit to wear. No matter how much you tighten the straps or change the place you hook it on, it’s a bra that you can no longer wear.

#4 It’s falling apart

If your underwire is poking through or the lace has gaping holes, it’s definitely time to go shopping again. Your bras should never be a source of discomfort.

#5 You just don’t wear it

Maybe you bought it because it was pretty or maybe you just don’t like it anymore. Either way, if it’s been unworn in your cupboard for more than 6 months, let it go!

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