Why Do Girls Wear Bras?

Why Do Girls Wear Bras?

There’s more than one reason why women wear bras and it’s not just for support. If you’ve wondered why you need to wear a bra, then fret not. We did some research and summed up the purpose of a bra for you.

#1 To Distribute The Weight Of Your Bust

Wearing a bra can make sure that your bust weight is supported at your shoulders, by the straps, and at your waist, by the band.

#2 To Be Able To Move With Comfort

Be it walking up and down the stairs, exercising or dancing at your favorite club, bras provide support against the unnecessary bouncing of your breasts.

#3 To Prevent Bad Posture

Having bigger breasts means you generally tend to lean back to maintain balance. Wearing a well-fitted bra can help maintain posture.

#4 To Avoid Under-Bust Sweat

The area below your breasts is where you generally tend to sweat the most. This can be very uncomfortable and can also cause infections. A bra holds up your breasts and thus prevents sweating.

#5 To Flatter Your Outfit

A well-fitted bra lifts up your bust and flatters every outfit you wear, helping you rock that OOTD!

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